1. It is hoped that members will use the club to the full. This is a two-way commitment, Plymouth IVC is run by its members for its members. So join in, enjoy the socialising and feel free to put on or suggest events that you would like.
  2. The club is non-political, non-racial and non-sectarian. Members should therefore respect each other’s’ rights and opinions. We are just here to enjoy social activities in a relaxed and friendly environment.
  3. Good manners are essential to a happy social group so all members are asked to conduct themselves in the way they would expect from others.
  4. Please be especially considerate at events in members’ homes. ‘At home’ events are a feature of our club`s activities and members attending should be courteous to the host, hostess and others. Please note, events in members’ homes are presumed to be Non Smoking.
  5. There is no formal dress code for the club. However, members are expected to dress appropriately for whatever event is being held.
  6. Members may bring along guests/prospective members to club events. The standard of behaviour of such guests is the responsibility of the members introducing them. New and prospective members may not know anyone in the club and may naturally be a little uneasy in our company at first. They should be treated with respect and allowed to integrate into the club in their own time.
  7. A spirit of give and take is essential to the smooth running of our Club. Often minor issues and misunderstandings can be put right quietly and informally with the minimum of embarrassment to all concerned. Very rarely there may be something which cannot be resolved in such a way yet needs to be resolved by the club acting together. If the committee needs to be involved, then an informal approach should be made to the Secretary.
  8. Serious or repeated breaches may ultimately lead to the Committee having to consider the matter in line with the Constitution.
  9. Social Media. Plymouth IVC does not currently use Social Media. Members who use personal social media should not publish anything that could impact negatively on the image of Plymouth IVC, nor publish nor share other members’ personal data without their specific permission.
  10. We hope you enjoy coming along to our events and what our club has to offer.

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