Janice CawthornI’m unsure how long I’ve known Janice, but it must be a significant majority of my 43 years in Plymouth. Although our meetings were principally in IVC, Janice was a real polymath who would turn up at theatre, concerts, lectures and other events I attended. Such a modest lady: she was competent in a number of very different languages. One can only admire someone who kept going in spite of adversities that would have driven others to seclusion. She was still climbing the staging and singing with Plymouth Philharmonic Choir until very recently. An important part of the social scene in Plymouth sadly lost.
John S

Always the first on the dance floor, especially on New Year’s Eve, Janice was the life and soul of a party. I shall miss her lively wit and sense of humour. She was, indeed, an inspiration.

I remember involving Janice in Cajun music, where she danced with enthusiasm. This was I felt her attitude to life. With her love of travel, cinema, performing arts and music. I will miss her sense of fun, and good company. Your positive attitude will stay with us always. You have taught us so much, more than you ever knew. We will miss you, but think of you with happiness.

A truly inspiring lady who made so much out of life. Like Miggy we remember the New Year’s Eve party where she danced the night away in her slippers with a beer in her hand, long after we had gone to bed. She always had a special greeting for us, she made us feel good to be her friends.
Gill & John

Loss of an old friend. I have known Janice for over 30 years. Janice was a Tax Inspector in the Inland Revenue Plymouth Tax Office in Pearl Assurance House Royal Parade when we first knew one another. We also met at the Du Maurier Festival in Fowey as we both loved her books and plays. I will miss her lovely letters and company. It brings back memories of old times in Plymouth our New Year’s Eve party at The Spiders Web and such a lively and good friend to Barry and I. An awful shock to us both.
Ann & Barry

The last time I saw Janice was at the Christmas Party, she sat beside me and we talked about Vue screenings of the cultural kind and how maybe they could be included in our clubs calendar. I said “good idea but can’t see my phone screen right now to check calendar as I have had a wines” she said “Good for you I wish I had”. I liked her very much, there was something intrinsically understanding about her, she could hold an audience, the Navy slang nights! Will remember you Janice xxx

Richard first met Janice in 1991. She was a fervent supporter of causes, and would often put pen to paper to support them. She had an understanding of several different languages, one of which was Russian. We’ve often bumped into her when walking in Mount Edgecumbe and Cawsand, attending Theatre visits and boat trips. She had a good singing voice.  She was a lovely, witty, intelligent lady, full of fun and will be sadly missed.
Judith & Richard

The Janice I knew had a mischievous sense of humour, an interested mind, a fine intellect with a passion for theatre and music. Her life was packed with a dizzying range of interests and activities. I shall miss her greatly; taken far too early.

I first met Janice at her Naval Slang evening.  She entertained us with lots of stories. She was a delight. The second time I met her was at a meal she had organised at The Dome on New Year’s Day 2019. She took a great interest in my job, and it was lovely to know more about her, and get to know her. In fact it was an honour.  God Bless You Janice.

Not just a club member but a dear old friend, Liz and I have known Janice since the early days of IVC and enjoyed her lively and intelligent company at many and varied events, and also as a “very good value ” dinner guest at both #s 117 and 15. She always had a twinkle in her eye and a great sense of humour – as she pointed out, fellow Pisceans should get on well, especially as we shared the same birthday (Feb 23).
An inveterate traveller and Russophile, she never let her increasing health and mobility problems get the better of her until her last few months. You’ve been an inspiration and example to us all, Janice – a truly valiant lady who will be greatly missed and a treasured memory. “Farewell !”
Patrick & Liz

Janice 70th
Janice’s 70th birthday meal
Murder Mystery Evening 2018

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